Dressed Sets Choreography

These are the 2 singing calls for the Dressed Sets.

1.  Baby What Do You Want Me To Do – RC 204



Grand Slide

4 ladies promenade , Swing, Promenade


(H/S) Promenade ½ way, Square thru 4

Right and Left Thru, Pass Thru, Trade By

Star thru, forward and back.

Boys Scootback, Girls Dodge,

Swing, promenade

2.  Be Bop A Lula – OR-061

Opener, Middle Break, Ending:

4 Ladies Chain, Rollaway, Circle Left, 4 Ladies Rollaway, Circle Left,

Left Allemande, Weave The Ring, Swing Partner, Promenade.


Heads/Sides Square Thru 4,

To the Corner make a Right Hand Star once around

Heads/Sides Star Left in the middle to the Corner

Slide Thru, Square Thru 3

Swing Corner, Promenade home

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